The idea really stuck with me because it takes no sides, it just says I am going to recognize the awfulness of life and I am going to respond with a flower and a smile. I know they can only carry so much power so it’s up to us to find out how powerful they really are.
It started one day when I was thinking about how much more women have to do then men when it comes to sexual reproduction. Not only that but also how much more awful things they have to go through ion connection to that. So I decided I was going to give out 5 red roses a month to women. Time went on and I never did it due to lack of money and the fact that the idea didn’t seem complete or right yet. I thought on it some more and I came to the conclusion that everyone deserves a flower for something they are dealing with, because dealing with awful things is part of being alive.
All I needed was some bit of words to accompany the flowers. It hit me one day, weeks later when I was sitting in class thinking about some random thing or another. “For whatever you are dealing with, you deserve this.” It's simple concise and gets the point across perfectly. I quickly decided I had to give as many flowers as possible to as many people as possible. The only issue was lack of moneyagain. Luckily I went to a wedding in mid September, after which the bride had huge buckets of flowers she was giving away, fate had just handed me the beginnings of the project


  1. :D I would love to help but I'm kind of young ... Is that okay..?

  2. that is abosuletly fine! age doesn't matter its just a number that we give power to. don't let it have power over you.