Monday, September 24, 2012

Made me smile

Hey Nathan!

Thanks so much for the flower! It really made my day. I was in a blah mood that day and then you handed me that flower. I've never received a flower and it really made me happy. I was up until like 230 am studying for an immunology exam and that flower gave me encouragement. I still have it in my room where it is slowly dying. :( but still it was a great gesture.  I totally support what you are doing. I called,y sister shortly after you handed me the flower so I am spreading what you are doing. Thanks again!

 <3 Ariel Rose Smith


  1. Hey Nathan!

    Thanks for the thoughtful flower today! I read your blog and absolutely love what you are doing. What a wonderful, easy way to brighten people's day :) I was definitely having a case of the Monday's when you ran into me today. Thanks for the little pick me up! Keep cheering up the ladies (and men??) of Bozeman!! Maybe you'll inspire others to do so too :)

    Take care!!
    -Sarah Devitt

    Ps, I needed something to put in the center of a craft project I've been working on, but couldn't decide what to put in the center. So, I decided you use your note! Now when people ask about my little art project, I can mention what you do :) I wish I could attach a picture of it, but I don't know how to do that...dang it!!

    1. you can definitly use the card in your art, i was wondering if maybe i could publish your comment as its own blog post. i am giving them to both men and women, though men tend to say no thank you more so it makes me want to give them flowers less. i'm really glad to hear i was able to give you a little pick me up.

    2. Of course you can use my comment! Haha, men giving other men flowers unfortunately goes against some unspoken rule, apparently. Anyways, keep on being awesome and cheering people up!

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